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Our mission is to provide rigorous instruction, guidance, and encouragement to empower students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  We foster a positive school climate, which respects and values diversity and nurtures everyone’s self-esteem.  Maintaining high expectations, we commit to a system of support through collaboration with staff, students, parents, and community.

 SBLC Attendance Policy: 3 unexcused tardies and/or checkouts in a 9 weeks term will become an absence

  • SBLC Policy- No checking out the last 30 minutes of the school day
  • JBE Policy- Do not drop students off before 7:10 when supervision begins at the car loop.
  • JBE Policy- Students must be picked up in the car loop by car with a school provided nametag displayed in the passenger side window.  Parents may not park and walk up to the gate. 

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2019-20 Supply Lists
Important Things to know about JBE

Kindergarten Registration 2019-20


Enrollment Paperwork can be picked up at JBE. Please register before May 31, 2019!

Your child may begin kindergarten if they will be 5 on or before September 1st. Registration packets will be available beginning April 2 and due back to JBE by Friday, May 31. Kindergarten Round Up is Tuesday, May 14.

These are part of the 4 year old standards from the state of Florida. This may be helpful to give ideas of things to work on before school starts in August as they are important skills for kids to have entering kindergarten. If your child cannot currently do these, please work to build these skills by August.


-Self-care when going to the bathroom (fully potty-trained)

-Can generally be understood when speaking

-Can correctly hold a pencil/crayon to write

-Can recognize almost all letters (when given a group of letters he/she can pick the letter you say)

-Child names most letters (e.g., when shown a letter, can accurately say its name)

-Child names some letter sounds (e.g., when shown a letter, can accurately say the sound the letter makes).

-Child independently writes some letters on request.

-Understands a number of positional and directional words,such as “above,” “below,” “under,” “beside,” and “behind”

-Child has age-appropriate vocabulary in several categories and demonstrates a wide variety of words within each category (e.g., world knowledge; names of body parts, feelings, colors,shapes, jobs,tools, plants, animals and their habitats, and foods; words that describe-- adjectives and adverbs; and action words--verbs).

-Can follow two-step directions and usually follows three-step directions.

-Follows rules and routines, Responds to praise and consequences for negative behavior appropriately

-Can count 5 to 10 objects as they touch and move each one, Can count verbally up to 20 or 30

-Child writes own name (first name, last name, or frequent nickname), not necessarily with full correct spelling or well-formed letters

-Can sit at a table to eat independently for 20-30 minutes

-Can ask for help or express a need

VPK- Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Enrollment at JBE for 2020-21 School Year


The Voluntary Pre-K enrollment opened January 1st. If you have a child that will be 4 on or before Sept. 1, 2020, and want them to attend a VPK program, follow this link

You will receive a confirmation email. Please print the document provided and bring it to the JBE office ASAP as the enrollment is first come, first served, and there are limited spaces.

Impact Award

Please help us recognize any staff member that has made a special impact on your child with an IMPACT AWARD! Those nominated will be recognized at the district level!

Click here for the Nomination Form


To receive text messages with school info and reminders, please follow the directions below:



Florida Law:

Each student has the right not to participate in reciting the pledge. Upon written request by his or her parent, the student may be excused from reciting the pledge, including standing and placing the right hand over his or her heart. 

Important information to start the 2019-20 school year off at Joyce Bullock!

We invite you to attend our Annual Back to school Bash and Meet the Teacher event Thursday, August 8th from 4-6.  Please visit the cafeteria first to find out who your child's teacher is, pick up car rider cards that must be displayed on the first day of school for afternoon pickup, and visit school and community info booths.  Afterwards, you will be able to visit your child's classroom, meet the teacher, and drop off school supplies.
The school day will be 7:45-2:15.  Students must be in class by 7:45 or will be considered tardy. You may begin dropping off students in the car loop area only at 7:10 when supervision begins.
All students will be offered a free breakfast and K-2 will eat in their classrooms from 7:30-7:45. PreK and Mrs. Stone and Ms. Daley's students will eat in the cafeteria.
Remember the first week of school, kindergarteners only come one assigned day. Letters will be mailed in July to tell which day is your child's first day of school. 
1st and 2nd grade parents may walk their child to class on the first 1-2 days of school. PreK and Kindergarten parents may walk them to class the first 2 weeks of school.  Beyond these days, for the safety of all students, they will need to be dropped off in the car loop.  Under special circumstances, parents must sign in in the front office with identification to receive and wear a visitor's pass to be on campus.
Please see our school calendar or Facebook page for up to date info and reminders!
We hope you are enjoying your summer!

Important Reminders

Dress code: Shoes must have covered toes and heels, shirts must have straps with a width of at least two fingers (no spaghetti straps or halter tops), shorts and skirts must be finger-tip length, earrings must not be longer than 1/4 inch below the earlobe (For our full dress code, please look under the school info tab)

School hours are 7:45-2:15.  Breakfast is served from 7:15-7:35 and can be eaten in K-2 classrooms from 7:30-7:45.  Instruction begins at 7:45.  No check-outs allowed the last 30 minutes of the day.  Transportation changes must be made in writing (not by text or email).  For your child's safety, changes by phone will not be accepted.

Anyone entering our campus must go directly to the front office with their identification to receive a visitor's pass


All visitors must sign in at the front office with a photo ID before entering any building or other areas of the campus. 




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What is bullying, What is cyber bullying, Who is at risk,Prevent bullying, Respond to bullying, and

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