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Our mission is to provide rigorous instruction, guidance, and encouragement to empower students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  We foster a positive school climate, which respects and values diversity and nurtures everyone’s self-esteem.  Maintaining high expectations, we commit to a system of support through collaboration with staff, students, parents, and community.

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  • SBLC Attendance Policy Changes: 3 unexcused tardies and/or checkouts in a 9 weeks term will become an absence
  • SBLC Policy- No checking out the last 30 minutes of the school day
  • JBE Policy- Do not drop students off before 7:15 when supervision begins at the car loop.
  • JBE Policy- All students must be dropped off at the car loop beginning August 23
  • JBE Policy- Students must be picked up in the car loop by car with a school provided nametag displayed in the passenger side window.  Parents may not park and walk up to the gate. 

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Music- Austin


A Note From The Music Room

        Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a relaxing and restful summer.  I KNOW the children are excited to be back!  Although I've been teaching for many years, I'm always excited to see the faces of the children as they come to the music room for the first time each school year.

        The first few days of school have been filled with teaching children the rules and procedures we will follow, as well as the rewards and consequences of their choices.  This year, all Special Area classes have 4 basic rules:

                                 1.  Listen

                             2.  Follow Directions

                             3.  Be Nice

                             4.  Always Do Your Best

        Although these rules will apply slightly differently in each Special Area class, these are the 4 basic rules students will be encouraged to follow.  Of course, we hope that no child ever breaks a rule in our classes, but in case this happens, we have also agreed on a standard set of consequences:

                             1.  Verbal Warning

                             2.  Time Out

                             3.  Move name down on behavior chart in classroom

                             4.  Phone call home

        We hope that by having consistent rules across all Special Area classes, we can provide an environment where all children can learn and also enjoy a break from their regular classroom routines.

        The music performance dates for this year have been set, and are listed below:

                                 Kindergarten - January 30 and February 1 (theme to be determined later)

                                 First Grade - November 14 and 16 (Thanksgiving theme)

                                 Second Grade - May 25 (theme to be determined, but probably the dance program)

        If at any time you have questions or concerns about anything relating to Music at JBE, please feel free to contact me.  The school number is 352 528-3341.  You may also email me at  

       Looking forward to a great year!

       Eva Austin, Music Teacher




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